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interview with painter

Stefano Tamburini

How long does it take to achieve your work?

The time is not the most important, a work can be accomplished in a short time, a couple of days, or take a long time ... seven, eight days.

What are the prevailing colours of his palette?

There are not prevailing colours, each colour has its significance and their choice dictated by descriptive language does not preclude: The shady quiet green cadmium, the bright aura of primary and straw yellow, fair vitality of burgundy and crimson, the lush power of crimson and sienna, extension, deep cobalt, turquoise and ultramarine blue and then ... black outlining the contours harmonize contrasts strongly rule preventing volumes yield an image washed out and inconsistent.

Hits in his canvases the chromaticism clean, the lightness and freshness of the stroke. What about his painting technique?

The technical background of an artist extends its expressive possibilities. Therefore, in my view, the painting technique itself should never be a limit, but the work and adapt to the needs of the creative moment. My stylistic coherence is not due to a particular technique, but the desire and the idea that governs the way I work. In preparation do many excursions, photographic studios dump rocks especially environmental and other natural elements to assess the real extent and coloring and filming that I see at home waiting for the analysis and perception sediment becomes subjective vision gave me the impetus and the initial enthusiasm.
I prefer a rigid backing such as cardboard canvas because it allows me to freely use more tools: charcoal, brushes her fingers ...... and then the spatula, which I prefer because you can keep the color intact. Rarely use the canvas does not stretch that reinforced the white lead to achieve a smooth, flat surface on which to hang the colors more easily. In the first draft use acrylics for the sky and the large backgrounds, or when I want the fabric to dry quickly, then covered with oil, which gives greater pathos and atmosphere and is extremely flexible in chiaroscuro. To give more liveliness and freshness of the painting and also needs healthy resorted to water color (non-toxic) but dissolve with difficulty and are incompatible in combination with oil.
I paint directly just jotting some signs charcoal or pencil. Perspective and volumes I already have in mind because they usually "see" the finished work. For this I need to work quickly if something distracts me and I am forced to abandon the construction for months, or otherwise proceed step by step in a slow reconstruction of the initial idea. Only if the scene is full of artifacts to portray the sketch becomes much more detail. A regular feature of my method is to start from the first draft of the sky as the background and foreground alternate and gradually strengthening their relationship perspective make persistent representation mental stage.
There should also be mentioned as part of a particular method to listen classical music and especially of some soundtracks of Ennio Morricone. I think an artist is not always aware of the technical solutions adopted from time to time and that the constants its modus operandi can be extrapolated more easily by others through observation.

What is Art and what it means to be an artist?

Difficult if not impossible to give a clear definition and comprehensive. For me, art is the link between spirituality and knowledge. Art accessing that region of spirit where the motions of the dichotomies of thought and feeling are just as Object, Nature and the Cosmos. It is vital energy and Truth, that dust of truth, beauty and harmony inherent in the experience that every creative artistic expression back into the form of awareness and knowledge. Art is the perfume of the time, individually and collectively. In primitive and children it is so full of life energy from them seem magical. The artist, in view of his work inhabits a borderland to remind humanity and "adult" and "differentiated" as Art know magically revive emotions, meanings and symbols of the ideas that they generated.

With its realism and strong attachment to his roots environmental She looks a bit 'on the sidelines with the current trends in contemporary art. It does not fear isolation?

Does not really matter what an artist chooses to represent. The subject of a work of art is the seductive element exterior but its value, its relevance lies in the message he gives according to his skills and talent. In addition to testify my sense of belonging, my roots, Salento, its places symbolize the alternative cultural approval with which the emerging multi-ethnic society seems to want to deal with distrust by imposing their own cultural heritage to another or otherwise dressing the mindset and culture of others. The sea in a report that would look wonderful and is granted an "absolute". As the uniformity of the typical landscape of this land it has to do with the physical horizon and opens the mental understanding, tolerance and respect for diversity.

I do not fear isolation ... There is a fully immersed in the global flow of psychic agencies, and through this constant interconnection that we can perceive and then act the deep intention of this movement

A little as the internet ...

Just ... we could all have access to "network" to its continuous stream of content to which to add our ... here ... the "nodes" of this network are primarily artists, whose receptivity to messages from the inner microcosm is an instrument of work and then everyone left the house in the morning watching the sky only to find out if they carry an umbrella, all those to whom life without time and space for a reflexive dimension, whatever the direction of the gaze inside or outside ... but beyond their contingency.

So the artist becomes the spokesman of requests coming from the general psychological and intentional acts before the other?

No ... action relates to the sphere of power. Art is not in power because the action, solvers and final stage, reaches the listening ... receiving the message. Certainly the artist in private acts contents but its function "social" is to perform and bring to a particular cultural transmission hearing. He honed his sensitivity and his talent so expressive message through its human and artistic value is the most faithful and intelligible to human beings and in any event by virtue of this similarity, it becomes more intelligible, it becomes recognized and understood culture , politics, economy ... This is the power of Art, its raison d'ètre.

... while the comparison between cultures, the need to align the inter-religious dialogue, peace and ecology are not issues which are of particular novelty connotes the message, not at all isolated in contemporary art, mandatory and urgent a good choice ...

Nature works in its returns to be recognized as part of the human instinctive and emotional, as fits the trend toward stylistic authenticity and harmony in a global environment uneven and full of contradictory stimuli?

The trend she says information from the early graffiti art by which man was her environment. With awareness of the disconnect between intent and nature of the potential of choice in human behavior arises the need to reinterpretation based on new social and ethical, the primitive authenticity. Recognizing the highly pragmatic instances of deep collective psyche we can only perceive the necessity and urgency of this moral tension and disharmony in contradiction of contemporary reality.

How tied his conception of nature and his painting style on environmental issues?

Very ... I define my style as <<environmental realism>> on a point, in fact, a compelling interest and a commitment ... It's clear that in equity allocation of resources and environmental protection are derived from their many social, political and economic present and future just as it is essential a healthy relationship with the environment in each individual and human progress. I applaud the sensitivity and insight to many artists who, despite the difference in styles and media, he denounced the growing imbalance.
Personally, I preferred a light transmission of this message as universal and "democratic" and that inappropriate and contradictory to reduce the impact of communication through mediation tax critics. In my expressive style of landscape representation is to translate the natural in his meta-psychological consideration personal to make the landscape a place inside all living, restore the intimate resonance with reality, rehabilitate and re-animate the world of this "son" by postulating that the intelligence of Nature as object other than itself, navigate to view expectations and whose survival, perhaps put in the disinterest and repression, depend solely on this ability of "vision"...

Have you ever dreamed of a work to be carried out?

No ... never ... I happened to wake up with a great enthusiasm for a new work without knowing what I was going to do. My works are not dreams. Whereas in my opinion an artist paints in the waking state, the representation of dream content is a reconstruction of a mnemonic was not present, not compared to any other party represented a value of greater proximity to the polarization of consciousness that underlies inspiration. A work of art is much more successful if through a state of concentration and receptive fluid achieves a healthy balance between the unconscious and fascination that fragment of knowledge that this research. Art is a special kind of knowledge ... knowledge, not without discipline, involvement of the higher functions of mind, so different from the free expression of barely controlled or otherwise unconscious emotional world is the dream.

In a succession of works belonging to different periods is known to be an evolutionary process cha a contemplative attitude in which the human figure as well as any other animated feature is almost absent for a progressive recovery of the natural calling, in more recent works , a radical extroversion with the introduction of movement and the representation of human activities in real time. How do you explain this change?

At first I used massively spatulas and was strongly attracted to dark colors, ancestral ... there is nothing left of that production. Then there was a radical change in my palette. I returned from a trip to the compartment and watched the work in the fields, my attention was focused on their impetuous beauty, amplified by the feeling gratified to see my land. From this simple and universal contemplative experience that took me a long fascination with her, I inherited forever the perception of the relationship between man and nature, light and life. Each end is remote and lonely, since then, at most, because it has shadowy memory of light ... My most recent works reflect a different interior landscape ... a more extroverted. The fresh and vibrant colors highlight the immediacy and movement ... true to a very meaningful trend in contemporary art, my latest works are almost instantaneous, as rightly observed, frames of <<human activities in direct.>> If life is necessarily a trip in your time ... I personally consider the artist a traveler "naïve" to express that need to remain so ...

In the field of figurative art and contemporary experiences which considers important in the development of his aesthetic conception?

The artistic conception discriminate subjectively what attracts, from what is perceived, to varying degrees outside. I love the realism of Hopper where objective representation has the boundaries of inner life, pantheism Segantini with its sacred sense of Nature, Factors, Toma ... among his contemporaries but also Guttuso De Chirico, Miro component for its surreal abstraction ...
Beyond the current style, I consider very important in the education of aesthetic feeling, intuition and universal current expressed in the works of Monet, Renoir .. . Cezanne, Gauguin, Van Gogh ... Matisse, Klimt ...... Dali ... to mention the artistic personality that I love most, while its context, the choice of style of cubism and definitely do not like conceptual art.
The motivation that determines the attraction iperealistica this in my work lies in trying to understand how object "represents" through the artistic sensibility and how extensive is the concept of reality understood as a "process" that explores the art with its own peculiar way, In my opinion, expression of thought evolved pre-rational and pre-verbal.
All that other array is not art ... may have the same value ... but not Art. Rational thinking is evolutionarily linked to language ... a thinker is not an artist, a thinker ... a poet, a writer not an artist ... is a poet, a writer ... ideas create emotions, passions ... the word may activate the same mental functions that enable creating art forms and mental images but the art has to do with matter and its language, is a refund, a return to the origin ... the subjective reality, perceptual, emotional ... psychic returns to the "Object". For this I love art I call "naïve" where the rational component, conceptual, even if present is not dominant, I love surrealism, but not the pure abstraction, symbolism and archetypal intuitive but not conceptual, it can't comment across the sign and the absence of immediate uses the word as a crutch, thus refusing the mode that is most suitable.
The view of the current, highly complex and unique, seems to have a common denominator in the renewed interest in the man and his authenticity. I am intrigued by the current fashion trends that suggest the involvement of new mediums, but especially interested in the contribution that artists from very different cultures can give this new humanism "existential" in the belief that the multiplicity of responses relates to the same questions with which even my production will be compared.

He always wanted to take this profession? When it becomes aware of his penchant for painting?

For artistic activities in general quite early. I remember as a child I won first prize among hundreds of competitors my age, nothing that a realization sufficiently talented child because my father allowed me to engage in artistic studies.

It's happy with his work?

Aware that follow their passions is a luxury in a world increasingly disenchanted and governed by the logic of profit, more than happy. However the main interest for painting and next to my student experiences. The academy according to my teachers and with a good innate mastery of forms and volumes showed a greater propensity for Sculpture for the painting which also does not achieve results unless discrete. With key personnel in the elaboration of learning, practice and commitment in creating my own style I gradually became aware of the depth and vitality of this country.

Be easily separated from his works? What kind of relationship links an artist to his creation?

For many, including myself, the paternal relationship could be defined. A father in spite of a deep bond raises his children in their desire for a place in the world and self which ultimately belong. As many consider the physiological separation that always leaves me a bit intent to imagine that the choice of my work expresses the personality of the purchases and this has not only lots of matching the color of the couch but become a significant element of a beautiful home and appreciated and lived. This desire makes me a bad trader if, beyond of the formal, I recognize a real thrill for a work I like.

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